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April 2015
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1993686The Superstition mobile porn Mountains hold many secrets.  Mystery, hardship and death have written  the history of the mountains.  To this day people lose their lives in the Superstitions. The ca celebrity porn use of all this mayhem can be summed up in a single word. GOLD. The search for the elusive yellow metal has left us with many stories and maps of finding and then losing the mother lode.  Of all these legends there is only one set of maps carved in stone. The Peralta Stones as they are known, are three twenty five pound slabs of rock and a small heart insert,covered with strange markings, noted in Spanish and dated 1847.
I have been talking about a treasure site for many years, I just never really believed there were many people interested in the subject of treasure until recently. I was attending a meeting about renewable energy, a subject near and dear to my heart, when I was asked by a person who knows me, how the treasure hunt was going.  As I started to tell my story I noticed several people within ear shot were paying attention to what I was saying and before I was finished eight interested people had gathered around.  They were all invited to see the objects of my passion, the Peralta Stones now displayed at the Superstition Mountain/ Lost Dutchman Museum in Apache Junction. Four showed up, which was a good response knowing who the people were and how busy their lives are. There is hope for a great treasure story and over the next short period of time I will take you on a most incredible journey back in time to the middle of the nineteenth century through the deadly Sonoran Desert and into the mighty Superstition Mountains in search of GOLD.